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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.The first essential component of social justice is to have adequate food for everyone. As the saying goes a hungry man is an angry man. So one less hungry child, one less problem.

The Budimas Food Charity Fund initiated with the hope to ensure that poor children will not go to school hungry. The program started running in July 2010, with 6 schools in Kapar, Klang involving 350 children. Today, we are supporting more than 6,100 children from 107 schools, estimated amount of total payout to the canteen operators (for year 2016) is RM2.8 million.

The breakfast program is caters to the families who earn RM1000 and below, with more than 2 children under their care are qualified for this fund. The menu is consistent with the RMT (RancanganMakananTambahan) menu which cater for Malay, Chinese and Indian food. It serves all the nutrition that is required for a child to be healthy.

The Budimas Charitable Foundation has extended this program to Refugee Children as well. The uncertainty of their parents’ measly earnings, if any at all, is enough to qualify them for this program.



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The Budimas Charitable Foundation (Budimas) started to support refugee children in February 2015. It is aims to support the refugee home schooling centre by providing education and also daily breakfast under The Budimas Food Charity Fund. Today, Budimas is supporting 80 children from the United Learning Centre in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

Budimas believes that giving these children the opportunity to get quality education and nutrient breakfast would promise a better future for them.